Welcome to Maigmike Consulting

Maigmike Consulting is a privately held British company with its main operating office in London, United Kingdom. We transform your business performance to create a customer experience that exceeds expectations through industry experience and insights.

Strategy Consulting

At Maigmike Consulting, we donโ€™t believe in one-size-fits all. We collaborate with you to understand your challenges and ambitions to......

Programme Management

At Maigmike Consulting, we use programme management proactively, tailoring our approach to ensure strong oversight and a smooth rollout.

Organisational Design

From mergers to succession planning to overall organisational alignment, we shed new light on your organisational challenges.

Change Management

With any change management project, Maigmike Consulting believe success depends on articulating the change and its impact from the outset.....

Why choose us?

Over 30 years of combined industry experience in business and management consulting

Reliable, experienced and always one step ahead of competition

Traditional methods of doing business change almost daily

Our solutions are designed to work for you


Expert Business and Management Consulting Company With over 30 Years Of Combined Industry Experience