Partner With Us

Maigmike Consulting through strategic partnership provides some added value services which makes corporate test taken and training less tedious. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to please our client and taking into consideration that our values speaks for itself.


Real-Time Data & AI

Maigmike Consulting empowers sustainability with real-time data and artificial intelligence (AI) by digitalising your buildings to cut costs and increase resident satisfaction.

Working with our global partners- we break down the process of energy consumption in a commercial building and lay down practical steps in which these problems can be rectified. With the help of our sensor device, monitoring of a complete building is now possible with faster turnaround time and lower cost to you. 


Maigmike Consulting practical building and energy management approach is easy, scalable, affordable, and most importantly, it works with the equipment and systems you already have. We consistently put out reliable solutions for our client’s buildings and properties and with over (Input years) years’ worth of experience, we have grown our company on customer satisfaction and timely attention details.