Agile Scrum


The Agile methodology is an approach that enables a project team to effectively manage a project which does not have fully defined requirements and where project priorities change; it’s incremental and iterative.

In a nutshell, the most complex and innovative technical projects tend to lend themselves to the Agile framework as it focusses on delivering working software in short periods of time that can be quickly improved upon.

Maigmike Consulting applies the Agile with SCRUM framework where the focus is on delivering the highest priority features in short project cycles, called Sprints. At the end of each Sprint, there is a shippable product which will be signed off before moving to the next Sprint.

The product will be launched when it achieves the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which would have been defined at the requirements stage.

As Agile with SCRUM promotes a collaborative process, we expect the client to be involved during the development process so that we can deliver the best results at the end of every sprint. Maigmike Consulting does this by adhering to a number of Agile meetings or ‘ceremonies’ (in Agile geek speak) that promote collaboration between the teams.

At Maigmike Consulting, we recommend that you use an Agile approach if your project fits the following criteria:

Not all requirements are fully defined before project commencement and are subject to change.

The client can dedicate a good amount of time to the project due to multiple deliverables in a short time frame and more frequent meeting.

The project requirements contain a need for custom software development.

The client is looking for quick results with a flexible project scope.