Expense Claims

At Maigmike Consulting we understand that most working class professionals are locked into their jobs and find limited time to prepare and submit their expenses to get paid on time. This is where we come in to relieve them of all these hassles.

We collate business expenses (hotels, taxis,flights and meals) on your behalf in any requested format ready for claims from your client in a very organised report itemised to meet the required standards.

We have worked in the past with contract employees with Capgemini,Accenture, Bank of Ireland, HSBC, and Barclays where we submit expense claims in the agreed format for our clients. All we require from you is to send us your combined receipts across weeks or months and we can organise this in an organised excel spreadsheet with accurate exchange rates even if your currency is not one of the popular British pounds,Euro, or US dollars.

Maigmike Consulting expense claims specialists will work with you all through the process and collate as much information to use in producing an accurate claim tailored to your receipt expenses.