File Tax Returns

Do you know that filing tax return is legal and mandatory in the UK? Do you know you could be fined between £100 and £750 late filing charges if your tax returns is not received within the stipulated time period by the Companies House and HMRC?

At Maigmike Consulting, we provide our clients the best advice and 1-2-1 consultation that would enable them file the correct tax return based on their turnover whether you are an individual self-employed worker or a contract staff without an umbrella company.

We will make your tax returns filing as painless as possible for you eradicating all the late fines that is usually imposed by the Companies House and HMRC and making sure that we file your Company tax returns within the agreed timeframes.

Corporation Tax, Self Assessment, Company Statement, and Annual Returns are part of the services Maigmike Consultant Accountants can help you submit to avoid late penalties. We provide cost effective services tailored to our clients needs.